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With 'upgrade.php' on-hand, you can use many features from newer PHP versions (up to 5.4/5.5 currently) without losing compatibility to older interpreters and outdated webserver setups. It takes care of emulating any functions (with their original names) that are missing at runtime.

You just include() it into your application. Then you're freed from micromanaging backwards compliance and wasting time with workarounds. Simply use the more featureful PHP functions.

Following functions are currently emulated: array_column boolval json_last_error_msg gzdecode hex2bin class_uses zlib_encode zlib_decode session_status http_response_code http_redirect http_send_content_type json_encode json_decode preg_filter lcfirst array_replace strptime error_get_last preg_last_error lchown lchgrp ob_get_headers xmlentities stripos strripos str_ireplace get_headers headers_list fprintf vfprintf str_split http_build_query convert_uuencode convert_uudecode scandir idate time_nanosleep strpbrk php_real_logo_guid php_egg_logo_guid php_strip_whitespace php_check_syntax get_declared_interfaces array_combine array_walk_recursive substr_compare spl_classes class_parents session_commit dns_check_record dns_get_mx setrawcookie file_put_contents file_get_contents fnmatch glob array_key_exists array_intersect_assoc array_diff_assoc html_entity_decode str_word_count str_shuffle get_include_path set_include_path restore_include_path str_rot13 array_change_key_case array_fill array_chunk md5_file is_a fmod floatval is_infinite is_nan is_finite var_export strcoll diskfreespace disktotalspace vprintf vsprintf import_request_variables hypot log1p expm1 sinh cosh tanh asinh acosh atanh array_udiff_uassoc array_udiff_assoc array_diff_uassoc array_udiff array_uintersect_uassoc array_uintersect_assoc array_uintersect array_intersect_uassoc mime_content_type image_type_to_mime_type image_type_to_extension exif_imagetype array_filter array_map is_callable array_search array_reduce is_scalar localeconv call_user_func_array call_user_method_array array_sum constant is_null pathinfo escapeshellarg is_uploaded_file move_uploaded_file strncasecmp wordwrap php_uname php_sapi_name

The emulated functions are of course only ever used, if the current PHP interpreter doesn't provide them itself:
how-it-works schema
So the native functions get called as usual on current setups. But your applications are guaranteed to work unchanged for anybody else, regardless of PHP version. Only a minimum compatibility requirement of "PHP 4.1" remains.

A few classes are also emulated. But it's kind of too much work to port SPL or other extensions over. No contributions so far. And why it never occurred to PHP.net developers to do a reference implementation for anything is somewhat unclear.

gettext PHP [>>]

The upgrade.php package also provides multiple emulation include scripts for larger PHP extensions, like gettext, ftp and ctype, mime functions, odbc, dba. See also the Wiki in the Fossil repository.

Of course, the emulated modules don't behave 100% exactly like the original C implementations - but the upgrade.php extensions work much better than common workaround snippets, and should be 'good enough' for most applications.


Public Domain (= compatible to all open source and free software licenses)

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